Why the Stepped vee ventilated tunnel?

For over 40 years, Earl Bentz has designed high-quality performance fiberglass fishing boats.

Best in Class Boat Speed
Best in Class Boat Driveability
Best in Class Passenger Comfort- A Soft and Dry Ride


For the Caymas Saltwater boats, Earl recognized that Caymas needed the latest in hull design. Earl chose Michael Peters of Michael Peters Yacht Design. For the past 25 years, Michael Peters has designed boats and hulls for the leading, global performance racing Yacht brands.

All Caymas Saltwater boats are built with the “Stepped Vee Ventilated Tunnel hull”, a Michael Peters patented hull.

SVVT = what the navy chooses

It is not only Caymas boats who believes in these hulls. The United States Navy has adopted the SVVT hull design for boats in their fleet. The Navy chose the SVVT hull as it delivers on speed, safety and a ride that minimizes discomfort and therefore fatigue.

SVVT hulls are visually unique as the image highlights. The SVVT hull provides clear owner performance advantages to conventional V hulls or generic stepped hulls:

Benefit 1:

The SVVT hull design reduces wetted surface-less drag. Benefits: higher speeds, quicker acceleration, lower planning speeds and better fuel economy.

Benefit 2:

The SVVT hull vertical sidewall tunnel increases lateral resistance. Benefits: improved directional stability and reliable maneuverability; no spin-outs.

Benefit 3:

The SVVT shallow tunnel hull provides lower dynamic motions. Benefits: a more stable ride, less slamming and less roll & pitch.

Caymas leads the SVVT hull revolution with brands like Invincible® and Viking® to provide owners with the highest performing and best riding hull.

Stepped Vee Ventilated Tunnel
Performance Advantages

Low Resistance (Drag)

15% Increase in Speed

Quicker Acceleration

Lower Planing Speeds

Load Carrying Capability

Greater Payload

Wide Longitudinal
Center of Gravity
(Boat remains stable as passengers move from bow to aft)

Directionally Stable


Low Dynamic Motions

Stable Ride Trajectory

Decreased Slamming

SVVT® Hull provides 15% increase in speed compared to conventional “V” hull construction.